Strumming for Guitarfish

There have been a string of Great White Shark sightings around the La Jolla/San Diego area, and after surfing in ‘shark-infested’ waters, I decided that I would try catch these beasts myself. A few years ago, while night fishing, I saw a man and his 2 sons pull up huge 6 foot leopard sharks from … Continue reading

IRrational teaser – Surf Edition

The Day of Black Sun

A few days ago, L. Hui (Kreptonic) told me about the solar eclipse (when the moon’s orbit causes it to travel between the Earth and the Sun) that was going to happen in a few days. Naturally, I got very excited as I had learned about eclipses at a young age, and always wanted to … Continue reading

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Rainy Saturday with my MCAT books while trying to drown my liver with sweet sweet Guinness…I wish I was an Irishman…especially after listening to macklemore.

I love San Diego

Mcat flash cards + hammock + 84 degree weather actually makes for a great Sunday afternoon. Now if only there were a beach nearby…

Persimmon picking

If I was given a choice between the city and the country side, I would choose the country side in a heartbeat. Thankfully, San Diego provides the feel of a city, while still giving me the freedom and space to roam the outdoors. My grandparents live in the country side in Canada, and they are … Continue reading

Catalina fishing trip

On Saturday B. Tang, R. Tang, and myself headed up to Long Beach at 2:30 am in order to make our full day fishing trip with¬†Long Beach Sportfishing. We arrived at berth 55 around 4 and met up with J. Choi, H. Choi, and J. Louie where we proceeded to rent rods, tackle, fishing¬†licences, and … Continue reading

Scripps Fishing

This morning, the men of the Fung and Pilcher families invited me to go on a fishing expedition with them at the Scripps pier just north of La Jolla Shores. The 5 of us headed to the beach around 7:15 after doing a morning devotional held by B. Fung where we prepared our gear. While … Continue reading

Devil’s Punch Bowl

I was invited to hike this past Sunday, and having started my spring break off with a hike, I figured it be best to end it with another adventure. Ruth, Becca, Melanie, Johnny, Johnny’s 2 friends, and I hiked 4 miles to the Devil’s punch bowl, which is officially named Cedar Creek Falls. The hike … Continue reading

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