Late Night Shark Fishing

About a month ago, I unsuccessfully attempted to catch the great white shark that has been patrolling La Jolla cove for tasty seals, and in the process invented the new fishing craze called ‘strumming.’ Since I still had some mahi mahi and bonita defrosted from that attempt, I decided to go out fishing before the … Continue reading

Shark Teaser

Thanks Kreptonic for the photos

IRRational fishing

IRRational and Kreptonic collaboration! Thanks for all the hard work Law!

IRrational teaser – Surf Edition

Cabo San Lucas 2011

Recently, it’s been cold and dreary in San Diego, and it was about time that my family and I had another family vacation. Every other year we go to Cabo San Lucas (A mere 2 hour flight from SD) to spend a week in the sun, fish, and enjoy some good street tacos. Cabo San … Continue reading

Bioluminescent Adventures

On Tuesday night, J. Tan and I went out to go look at the red tide at the beaches in Del Mar. Red tide is a name given to algal blooms, which occurs when algae congregate in the water and cause a color change in the surface. The algae that congregate are single-cell organisms that … Continue reading

Dana Wharf Fishing Trip

J. Tan and I went to go redeem some groupon fishing deals and we went with the Dana Wharf Sportfishing company. It wasn’t the most productive trip, as we only took home 4 fish, but we caught around 14 fish (Calico bass, Sand Bass, mackerel, and lizard fish). The problem was the fish we had … Continue reading

I R Rational meals – Catalina catch edition

After having gone fishing for a full day, and spending the wee hours of the morning cleaning the bountiful catch, I decided it was time for another I R Rational meal. Thank you L. Hui for helping with pictures. Menu: Avocado halves with seared scallops, shrimp, and fillet of either rock fish, perch, or white … Continue reading

Scripps Fishing

This morning, the men of the Fung and Pilcher families invited me to go on a fishing expedition with them at the Scripps pier just north of La Jolla Shores. The 5 of us headed to the beach around 7:15 after doing a morning devotional held by B. Fung where we prepared our gear. While … Continue reading

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