NBA playoff solution

Yes, yes. It has been awhile. Anyway, I recently sent an email to the NBA pertaining to a solution to the playoff format. Now, while my email may have been disregarded as some “lame” idea that a 25 year old thought up of, or may have been swiped by the reader of those countless fan … Continue reading

Training for the Super Spartan Part 1- Workouts

A few weeks ago, my friend J. Wong asked if I wanted to do the Spartan race with him and a few other friends. Having successfully completed Tough Mudder last year, I said I would think about it (read here). Then Living Social had a deal for the 1/26/13 Super Spartan race in Temecula for … Continue reading

Socal Tough Mudder 2011

As the Norcal Tough Mudder’s race this weekend, I have finally gotten around to posting about my tough mudder that I ran 5 months ago. On May 29th, 2011 I completed Tough Mudder. What is Tough Mudder? Well, I’m glad you asked. Tough Mudder is an event that is held around the country, and now the … Continue reading

Women’s Mission Bowl 2011

First off, I would like to congratulate Team United for winning the Girl’s Mission Bowl tournament held by Lighthouse Bible Church (Tanget: Lighthouse’s Mission Bowl was started as a football tournament to raise money and awareness for missions, but there have been some complaints that they were more focused on putting up a football tournament … Continue reading

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