My coworker found an ant on her arm while she was eating today… and it has a unique talent Maybe I’ll start an ant circus… Advertisements

The Aftermath of Sespe

Warning: This next post contains pictures of my extremities that have been afflicted by brushes, trees, sharp desert-dwelling plants, poison ivy, and rocks. Pictures may contain images of subject matter that might make a squeamishness person even more squeamish. You have been warned. A few days after coming back from Sespe, I thought our ‘adventure’ in the wild was … Continue reading

The Day of Black Sun

A few days ago, L. Hui (Kreptonic) told me about the solar eclipse (when the moon’s orbit causes it to travel between the Earth and the Sun) that was going to happen in a few days. Naturally, I got very excited as I had learned about eclipses at a young age, and always wanted to … Continue reading

Bioluminescent Adventures

On Tuesday night, J. Tan and I went out to go look at the red tide at the beaches in Del Mar. Red tide is a name given to algal blooms, which occurs when algae congregate in the water and cause a color change in the surface. The algae that congregate are single-cell organisms that … Continue reading

UC Berkeley Cyclotron adventures!

Disclaimer: This post is a little nerdy, so if you don’t want to read or see nerdy things, I suggest you wait for the next post… X-ray Protein Crystallography is a method in which scientists use x-rays to shoot protein crystals in order to determine the arrangement of atoms in the protein’s molecular structure. The … Continue reading

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