My Stop Motion Film

In my final quarter at UCSD, I had to take a few General Ed classes that I had neglected to take, so I signed up for TDGE 11 – a class about animation. The class met every Wednesday from 6-9pm, where we would have lecture for an hour and a half, have a 10 minute … Continue reading

Superstar Music Video Shoot

Kreptonic, Vision, Diversion Sound, and Ricky N. teamed up to cover Lupe Fiasco’s ‘Superstar.’ Our night started late, but ended early, one of the benefits of working with a producer who knows what he wants, and talented artists who are on board with the plan. A little bit about the artists, Alex S., aka Vision, … Continue reading

Prodigal Song Music Video Shoot

Lawrence H., aka Kreptonic, invited me to assist his music video shoot with the talented Chris Changchien. Remembering how long the previous music video I had done with Kiid Fame and Kevin Z., I was prepared to spend a long night in CEC’s fellowship hall, but was pleasantly surprised at the speed at which our … Continue reading

‘My Teacher’ music video shoot

My close friend, Kevin Z., invited me to help him shoot a music video. Not knowing much about filming nor photography, I agreed and quickly learned that it is a long process of getting people organized and on the same page. Though it was a long night, I still enjoyed experimenting with my camera and … Continue reading

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