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IRRational fishing

IRRational and Kreptonic collaboration! Thanks for all the hard work Law!

IRrational teaser – Surf Edition

IRRational Flox

While eating a bagel at work, I came up with a recipe for a salmon dish, which is best described as a faux lox, which I have cleverly renamed as the IRRational ‘Flox’. Ingredients: Salmon fillets with skin Sea Salt/Kosher Salt to taste Freshly cracked Pepper to taste Honey Almond/Walnut Cream cheese to taste Instructions: … Continue reading

Persimmon picking

If I was given a choice between the city and the country side, I would choose the country side in a heartbeat. Thankfully, San Diego provides the feel of a city, while still giving me the freedom and space to roam the outdoors. My grandparents live in the country side in Canada, and they are … Continue reading

I R Rational meals – Catalina catch edition

After having gone fishing for a full day, and spending the wee hours of the morning cleaning the bountiful catch, I decided it was time for another I R Rational meal. Thank you L. Hui for helping with pictures. Menu: Avocado halves with seared scallops, shrimp, and fillet of either rock fish, perch, or white … Continue reading

I R Rational meals – Guitarfish Edition

The theme ingredient of the night was shovelnose guitarfish that I had previously caught. The menu consisted of guitarfish-fin and imitation shark fin soup, guitarfish ‘wings’ with sweet onions in a wine and chicken stock reduction, guitarfish wings with a Moroccan inspired tomato sauce, and finally panko and black and white pepper encrusted guitarfish with … Continue reading

It’s finally Easter!

It has been quite an adventure. 46 long days of not eating meat, a feat I did not think I would be able to succeed in doing last year, I have finally accomplished going without meat or seafood for the entirety of lent. I’m currently in Canada for my grandfather’s retirement party. He has worked … Continue reading

Vegetarian duck?

So it’s been nearly a month since I’ve started my meat-and-frivolous-websites lent, and let me just say, that it has been quite the journey. I realize that the first few days of lent, where I would randomly pass out on my desk, bed, or floor was due to the shock of such a dramatic change … Continue reading

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