The Day of Black Sun

A few days ago, L. Hui (Kreptonic) told me about the solar eclipse (when the moon’s orbit causes it to travel between the Earth and the Sun) that was going to happen in a few days. Naturally, I got very excited as I had learned about eclipses at a young age, and always wanted to see one. However, whenever there was an opportunity to see one, it always seemed to occur on the other side of the world. Not this time. 15 years later, after reading the adventures in the NatGeo Kid’s comic books about the aztecs, solar eclipses, and the NatGeo explorers, it was time for me to face the real thing.

In order to prepare to see the sun being eclipsed by the moon, I created a pinhole projector by putting a tinfoil cover on one side of an empty poster tube, poking a tiny hole in said foil, and then holding it up so the image would rest on a flat surface (hand, letter, etc.). Then, L. Hui, J. Lee, A. Chen and I set out for the heli-pad near our place, and made camp for the next few hours to watch the famed solar eclipse. We discovered that by using 2 polarized sunglasses, one could see the sun, but as my mama told me not to look directly at the sun, we opted to use this technique on our cameras. With our live view functions, we got a few pictures, and waited…and waited some more for the right moment when the moon would cover 83% of the sun. And as Murphy would have predicted it, right as the eclipse was reaching it’s peak, the marine layer rolled in. We thought all was lost, and that we wouldn’t be able to see the eclipse at all, but everything worked out in the end. The clouds actually benefited our attempts to take photos as it blocked out more sunlight than the sunglasses could.

Even though it was only a partial eclipse, it was still something amazing to see. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this set as much as I did watching the whole event unfold!

The set up on the Heli-pad

Image from the pin-hole tube to see the eclipse

Sun with 2 polarized sunglasses

Digital view

2 Responses to “The Day of Black Sun”
  1. kamelican says:

    what an awesome experience!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Amazing photos! You’re a great photograper as well as a grear storyteller! Your photos were so eerie- I could almost hear the Halloween music, with the werewolf appearing…

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