Building houses in Tijuana

This past weekend, J. Tan and I went with Flood’s Mexico Impact team to help Amor ministries to build a house in Tijuana. We arrived at the Flood offices early in the morning (7:30 am…ish) and waited for the rest of the team to arrive. We then went through logistics and headed to Amor ministries. There, we met up with Dave, our guide and supervisor, and used the restroom before we crossed the border. Thankfully, no one lost their passport or keys and we were able to go straight to the build site where we started working.

The entire team consisted of 25 people, and we split into 3 teams, the roof team, team A (alpha), and the A team. While the roof team worked on the roof, Team alpha and the A team made the walls of the house. Marc, the trip leader, stated that he ‘might’ buy tacos for the team who finished their walls first. Who would be so petty as to compete for $1 tacos…GAME ON! We started building our walls, but team Alpha got instructions first and were able to start on their 7 ft wall, while we had to construct an 8 ft wall. Team alpha finished their wall first, and then started on the next, while we were still finishing our wall, but the day was still young, and it was merely half time. We ended up finishing our 2nd wall before team Alpha, and were deemed the winners.

While we were building, we didn’t really get to interact with the family that we were building the house for, but we did learna little about them from Maiko, Lily, and Kevin. The father is a police officer, the mother is a house wife, and the 2 kids are brother and sister, with respective ages of 16 and 14. Their house was burned down by a few teenagers who were playing with fire in front of their house.

After we had finished building the walls and the roofs, we had to line them with wire, then tar paper, and then chicken wire. Since we were working on the street, we had to move the finished products back onto the property, which was difficult as the roof pieces were 12x12ft and the gate was much smaller than that, so we had to lift the roof pieces over the gates (click here for video). We finally finished for the day, and went to go get some well-needed tacos. J. Tan and I foolishly forgot to bring lunch, so we had wandered around the vicinity looking for food, only to buy a few pastries from the local corner store. Unfortunately, Marc didn’t buy the winning team tacos, but the tacos were still amazing. We had adobada, carne asada, suadero (cow throat), tripa, and cabeza. After eating our fill of tacos, mulitas, and quesadillas, we headed back across the border, and picked up some nieves and churros.

Overall, it was a great trip, and I hope I can go on more house building trips in the future.

Roof team

Team Alpha

A team

Supervisors/Leaders Dave and Marc


Frames of the walls

The entire team

Photos courtesy of the TJ housebuilding facebook page.

One Response to “Building houses in Tijuana”
  1. Joe Spano says:

    Josh, sweet post, it was great having you and Jackson on the trip! Hope to see you again soon.

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