My Stop Motion Film

In my final quarter at UCSD, I had to take a few General Ed classes that I had neglected to take, so I signed up for TDGE 11 – a class about animation. The class met every Wednesday from 6-9pm, where we would have lecture for an hour and a half, have a 10 minute break and then reconvene to watch a film. For the final project, we had to create a stop motion film.

After thinking about what to do and what I should, I decided to use a camera as my subject, and film the morning waking up and going out process. Originally, I wanted to do a lot more for the film, but realized that I wouldn’t have to time to finish it before the quarter ended.

Having to take the pictures and readjusting the subject was the most tedious part of the project, and having to account for even little details. Some parts, I even ‘cheated’ a little by putting the camera out of focus in order to make it move faster. After finishing taking ~700 pictures, I uploaded them to the computer and had to convert them to jpeg files and compress them down. I then put them into a windows movie maker program and added a song to it. Anyways, I hope you enjoy.

Subject's perspective


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