Bioluminescent Adventures

On Tuesday night, J. Tan and I went out to go look at the red tide at the beaches in Del Mar. Red tide is a name given to algal blooms, which occurs when algae congregate in the water and cause a color change in the surface. The algae that congregate are single-cell organisms that … Continue reading

Socal Tough Mudder 2011

As the Norcal Tough Mudder’s race this weekend, I have finally gotten around to posting about my tough mudder that I ran 5 months ago. On May 29th, 2011 I completed Tough Mudder. What is Tough Mudder? Well, I’m glad you asked. Tough Mudder is an event that is held around the country, and now the … Continue reading

Dana Wharf Fishing Trip

J. Tan and I went to go redeem some groupon fishing deals and we went with the Dana Wharf Sportfishing company. It wasn’t the most productive trip, as we only took home 4 fish, but we caught around 14 fish (Calico bass, Sand Bass, mackerel, and lizard fish). The problem was the fish we had … Continue reading

My Stop Motion Film

In my final quarter at UCSD, I had to take a few General Ed classes that I had neglected to take, so I signed up for TDGE 11 – a class about animation. The class met every Wednesday from 6-9pm, where we would have lecture for an hour and a half, have a 10 minute … Continue reading

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