I R Rational meals – Catalina catch edition

After having gone fishing for a full day, and spending the wee hours of the morning cleaning the bountiful catch, I decided it was time for another I R Rational meal. Thank you L. Hui for helping with pictures.


Avocado halves with seared scallops, shrimp, and fillet of either rock fish, perch, or white fish

Pan fried perch with onions glazed in a butter and white wine reduction

Vietnamese style fried perch with lemongrass and serrano chilli peppers

Malaysian style Mackerel with a homemade curry paste grilled in banana leaves

Cantonese style steamed calico bass

Clock wise starting from Top left: White fish, Mackerel, Calico Bass, Perch

Vietnamese style Pan fried Perch

J. Chen, L. Hui, J. Lee, R. Moy, C. Pham, J. Tan, J. Wu

You too can be apart of I R Rational meals

It's been 10+ long years, but I have finally avenged my bitten fingers

2 Responses to “I R Rational meals – Catalina catch edition”
  1. tiff ho says:

    i want some =(

  2. kamelican says:

    that is SO much fish for one meal!! you are so adventurous with cooking 🙂

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