72 hour film shootout

P. Nguyen and J. Chun approached me last week to see if I was interested in filming a video for the 72 hour film shootout that was to occur during the weekend. Having done the shootout with them in 2009 and had lots of fun doing so, I said why not. The people at the Asian American Film Lab released the prompt ‘Now you see me…’ on a Friday at 5 PM.

The team and I tried to get a few ideas going, and came up with a few ideas. We thought about having the point of view of a child growing up and being told what to do but finally they become their own person, disliking a father figure and in death discover who they really are, and finally seeing someone in a coffee shop only to discover something about them. But due to the short time frame, lack of equipment, resources, and people, we couldn’t do most of the ideas. We ended up doing the film on 2 guys who just finished working out and looking at a girl, trying to see if she was who she seemed to be.

The filming took a major part of Saturday, and we did a little bit on Sunday after I had finished fishing and gutting the catch. P. Nguyen finished editing the film late Sunday, and we submitted the video early on Monday. I honestly have no idea how well we’ll do, but I really enjoyed watching the video and I hope you do too.

Here is our 2009 submission to the prompt ‘Time’s Up’

2011 submission to the prompt ‘Now you see me…’

Official montage of all the films (pay attention around the middle of the video)

Now, to let you all know, we didn’t even make top 10, but we still had a lot of fun, and of course they choose the most embarrassing scene for the montage.


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