Devil’s Punch Bowl

I was invited to hike this past Sunday, and having started my spring break off with a hike, I figured it be best to end it with another adventure. Ruth, Becca, Melanie, Johnny, Johnny’s 2 friends, and I hiked 4 miles to the Devil’s punch bowl, which is officially named Cedar Creek Falls. The hike … Continue reading

Potato Chip Rock

After a hellish week of sleepless nights, precious hours of daylight wasted away in a concrete imprisonment with thousands of pages of information, and forced to endure riddles that teachers give to see your understanding of the 10 weeks of material they try so hard to force into your mind, I felt it was time … Continue reading

My first week as a vegetarian

For the past week, I have given up meat, facebook, and other websites for lent. Meat is by far, the hardest to give up as I have never gone more than a meal without meat. Even when I was back packing in the Grand Tetons doing trail work, we still had some sort of animal … Continue reading

Goodbye oh so delicious animal products…for now

Starting this Wednesday, March 9th, I will be giving up meat and seafood, facebook,, and other useless websites in the spirit of Lent. Lent is a period of fasting, first starting on ‘Ash Wednesday’ (March 9th, 2011) and ends on April 23rd, the day before Easter Sunday. The purpose of lent, as told by¬†Wikipedia, … Continue reading

Superstar Music Video Shoot

Kreptonic, Vision, Diversion Sound, and Ricky N. teamed up to cover Lupe Fiasco’s ‘Superstar.’ Our night started late, but ended early, one of the benefits of working with a producer who knows what he wants, and talented artists who are on board with the plan. A little bit about the artists, Alex S., aka Vision, … Continue reading

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