Women’s Mission Bowl 2011

First off, I would like to congratulate Team United for winning the Girl’s Mission Bowl tournament held by Lighthouse Bible Church (Tanget: Lighthouse’s Mission Bowl was started as a football tournament to raise money and awareness for missions, but there have been some complaints that they were more focused on putting up a football tournament to entertain all the other fellowships. Now, whether or not this is true, the football tournament is a great time for inter-fellowship bonding. There were even a few fellowships from the LA area). The girls went 5-0-1, tying with Hope in their first game (12-12), and winning against Southland (6-0), Harbor (40-6), and Berean (19-12) in the rest of the preliminaries. They then went on to defeat Kairos in the semis (13-0), and had a rematch with Southland in the finals (25-19). Team United played very well and did not disappoint the many fans that had come out to watch and show support. The games had their highs and lows, when touchdowns were given up United took 2 to replace the one they lost, and when the other teams hit them, United hit even harder. The defense was amazing with numerous interceptions and stopped drives. They made the drives for the opposing teams into a grind, and tired them out to take advantage of mistakes that they would make. United’s offense tore up the opponents defenses, and were persistent in their attempts to score no matter how hard the defense fought. United’s O-line never had a false start even though the opponent’s D-line constantly tried to bait them. Team United never lost their nerves and were a prime example of a professional team.

Team United originally was a combination of women from Chinese Bible Church San Diego and Chinese Evangelical Church to play in the mission bowl. This year, there have been a few more additions to the team, women from HarvestRedeemer’s Grace Church San Diego, the Rock, and Flood. It’s such a blessing to see sisters in Christ not be bound by the ‘barriers’ of attending different fellowships from working together to achieve a common goal, instead, they are able to fellowship with one another and develop even deeper bonds and friendships.  It is not often enough where members of different churches hang out together, something about some stupid ‘fellowship pride’ that makes other members of different fellowships not as appealing to hang out with…Though, for the past 4 years I’ve been in San Diego, I’ve seen a lot more events where different fellowships come together to play sports or just hang out in general.

At first, there weren’t that many people to show support for United, but as the day went on, more and more people showed up. Team United had so many supporters to the point that the referees threatened to penalize United if we didn’t comply with the refs’ demands. Regardless, I like countless other fans of United lost my voice cheering for the defense to make stops, to the offense to keep running, and to the special teams to make the ‘appropriate plays.’ As far as the day went, I couldn’t have asked for a better, or more entertaining day. Anyways, enough talk.

Pass play

Offense was beastly


Defense did a great job

Special teams


Adoring fans

A fan offsides

Go Team United and good luck with Mission bowl 2012! Thanks for looking

P.S. For video coverage, check out Kreptonic’s blog

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  1. […] has been said about this team (recap and photos), and much more will continue to be said. They leave the field this year […]

  2. […] has been said about this team (recap and photos), and much more will continue to be said. They leave the field this year […]

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