Iron Mountain Hike

My friends Connie C., Michael C., and Timothy L. invited me to hike the Iron Mountain trail with them. Having some experience on different hikes (such as the South Cascade Canyon Trail in the Grand Tetons, WY; Random trails in Yellowstone, MT; and the infamous Half-Dome trail in Yosemite, CA to name a few), I was quite excited to get back out into nature. The original goal was to run the whole way up, however injuries have a way of changing plans.  So the 4 of us had a nice hike up to the top and back.

The head of the Iron Mountain trail is located off of highway 67, in the heart of Poway. The trail itself is roughly 3.3 miles to the top, and goes through 1000ft of elevation. The trail itself is well maintained, and the hike is not very difficult, but the view is amazing and well worth it. We began our hike around 7 am, too late to see the sunrise from the top, but it was still amazing getting to the top and watch as the sun’s first rays hit the city of Poway.

I personally feel that early morning is the best time to do anything, since you are able to beat the large groups and boisterous families that may not have the same respect of the activity that you may have. Many of the hikers we encountered were quite amicable, and we exchanged salutations. A friendly reminder, it’s a nice gesture to say ‘Hello’ ‘Good Morning’ and ‘How’s it going!’ to your fellow hikers, instead of shunning them as if they all had scarlet letters blaring on their chests while also having bubonic plague at the same time.

Anyways, enough of my ramblings, enjoy some pictures!

I’ll probably go back and run the trail to train for the tough mudder race I’m running in late May. Thanks for looking and keep checking back for more updates!

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