UC Berkeley Cyclotron adventures!

Disclaimer: This post is a little nerdy, so if you don’t want to read or see nerdy things, I suggest you wait for the next post… X-ray Protein Crystallography is a method in which scientists use x-rays to shoot protein crystals in order to determine the arrangement of atoms in the protein’s molecular structure. The … Continue reading

Women’s Mission Bowl 2011

First off, I would like to congratulate Team United for winning the Girl’s Mission Bowl tournament held by Lighthouse Bible Church (Tanget: Lighthouse’s Mission Bowl was started as a football tournament to raise money and awareness for missions, but there have been some complaints that they were more focused on putting up a football tournament … Continue reading

Iron Mountain Hike

My friends Connie C., Michael C., and Timothy L. invited me to hike the Iron Mountain trail with them. Having some experience on different hikes (such as the South Cascade Canyon Trail in the Grand Tetons, WY; Random trails in Yellowstone, MT; and the infamous Half-Dome trail in Yosemite, CA to name a few), I … Continue reading

Prodigal Song Music Video Shoot

Lawrence H., aka Kreptonic, invited me to assist his music video shoot with the talented Chris Changchien. Remembering how long the previous music video I had done with Kiid Fame and Kevin Z., I was prepared to spend a long night in CEC’s fellowship hall, but was pleasantly surprised at the speed at which our … Continue reading

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