‘My Teacher’ music video shoot

My close friend, Kevin Z., invited me to help him shoot a music video. Not knowing much about filming nor photography, I agreed and quickly learned that it is a long process of getting people organized and on the same page. Though it was a long night, I still enjoyed experimenting with my camera and learning how to shoot different angles being the secondary photographer. I’ve also learned that photoshop is pretty difficult when you have no idea what you’re doing. But thank you Eunice L., Max C., John Y., and Lawrence H. for helping me out.
Song: My Teacher
Artists: Kiid Fame and Dom Lynch
Location: Evans Hall, UC Berkeley
Date: 12/18/10
Time: Late at night

Kiid Fame

Dom Lynch

We will be shooting part 2 on 1/14/11, so look out for the next set of pictures!

Edit: Sadly, as not all of things go according to plan. The shoot has been postponed to 1/21/11, which I cannot make. So I guess I won’t have a part 2…be on the lookout for whatever random stuff I do decide to post then 😛

The video is finally done, as of 2/25/11!

Thanks for looking,

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