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NBA playoff solution

Yes, yes. It has been awhile. Anyway, I recently sent an email to the NBA pertaining to a solution to the playoff format. Now, while my email may have been disregarded as some “lame” idea that a 25 year old thought up of, or may have been swiped by the reader of those countless fan … Continue reading

Dang it…

Ugh…freaking kidding me…

Veteran’s Day

Thank you for your service! ‘Merica

Go forth and cast your votes

Have you done your civic duty as a ‘merican today? Still not convinced to vote? Here’s a few videos about our extremely fair voting system that might encourage you as an undecided voter! Happy ‘let your voice be heard’ day!

Halloween Scramble

Can you find the phrases associated with Psy’s hit single?


https://www.goruckchallenge.com/Events/Details?id=121 My next physical challenge. Will it be harder than tough mudder? Probably.


My coworker found an ant on her arm while she was eating today… and it has a unique talent Maybe I’ll start an ant circus…

Late Night Shark Fishing

About a month ago, I unsuccessfully attempted to catch the great white shark that has been patrolling La Jolla cove for tasty seals, and in the process invented the new fishing craze called ‘strumming.’ Since I still had some mahi mahi and bonita defrosted from that attempt, I decided to go out fishing before the … Continue reading

Poison Oak…again

This past weekend, I went on the shortest camping trip of my life, lasting only 9 hours (excluding travel time). On the other hand, this camping trip was the most intentional and productive trip that I’ve done. The last trip I went on was in the Sespe wilderness a little more than 2 months ago, … Continue reading

Shark Teaser

Thanks Kreptonic for the photos

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